Turn it up, I love that song ...

Where have you gone, John da' brugge Man?

by Peggy Aycinena

September 16, 2011  

Let's pretend that you wanted to take a sabbatical, to step back for a while from the ongoing saga of EDA. Then let's pretend that just about the time you were ready to step back in, you received astonishing news. News that the most extraordinary personality to come along in 10 years in EDA was there no more, was no longer residing on his company's website, or on a stage anywhere promoting the company's biggest unified Product-Marketing-Gestalt campaign in the history of that legendarily mercurial organization.

What would you do? Sigh? Weep? Yawn? Pull the plug? Walk away? Wait for somebody to explain it all? Resign yourself to the spectre of the end of yet another roller coaster ride that's led to nowhere? Stare off into the distance and contemplate the nothingness? I mean, really ...

Consider the fact that starting in April of 2010, everybody in EDA who wasn't CDNS – or at least everybody who saw themselves as serious competitors of CDNS – railed and ranted and rent their garments in howling frustration over the audacious suggestion that there was anything new under the explosively blazing sun of EDA360. In other words, with a flip of the switch, CDNS had gotten EDA riled up, the blah blah had instantaneously rocketed to a new level of agitation, and the metric for rollicking good fun hit a level that the industry hadn't seen in years!

And these folks who were mad at CDNS? Ohmygod! They were contemptuous! They were withering! They were wildly offended! They were outraged! And why? Because, EDA360 had stolen their thunder. EDA360 proposed a re-packaging of established concepts in a way that made those ideas, like everything High Renaissance ... Unified. Harmonious. Balanced.

And the High Priest of that Renaissance? To everybody’s delight, he was the farthest thing from all of those coveted ideals. He was fractious. He was noisy. He was in-your-face driven. And, he was far more about spiraling up and down and sideways, than about preserving that great stabilizing triangle that we all have been taught is the Only Way Things are To Be Done in EDA.

I agree.
It was just too good to last.

And now? That messiah of messaging? That prince of posturing? That passionate proponent of EDA Must Change or Die! That guy they say locked himself into a room and emerged 7 days later with a vision he dared to call EDA360? That guy is gone. He no longer walks the hallowed [and boring and dull and been-there-done-that] halls of this Great EDA Nation.

Oh, thank goodness. We didn't want anybody here who was going to rock the boat. Now things have returned to normal. No more noise. No more fireworks. It's over. The industry has been saved. And more importantly, and more virtuously, we've skipped right over muscular Baroque and effete Rococo and gone straight to staid, staid, staid Neo-classical.



rockin john

Neo-classical rock …

Where have you gone, John da' brugge Man?
The nation's turned its feckless eyes from you
woo woo woo

You brought us back from the moribund
And this is how your efforts get repaid
fade fade fade – fade away

What's that you say, silly EDA?
Rockin' John has left and gone away
hey hey hey – you don't say

Now what's to do, precious EDA?
Find another hero to promote?
gloat gloat gloat – bloat bloat bloat

What makes you think, listless EDA
There's anybody left who wants to play?
hey hey hey – youth's gone away



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