Cheep Cheap Chicken ...


*   Crack open a bottle of cheap chilled White and pour yourself a refreshing glassful to enjoy while cooking.

*   Create 4 cups of heart-healthy brown rice following the directions on the bag -- that means real (!!) brown rice, not the nutritionally challenged instant stuff.

*   While the rice is cooking, sauté 3 boneless chicken breasts in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, after cutting into 1" x 3" strips. When cooked, put the chicken aside.

*   Using the same pan to save on wash-up, sauté half a chopped onion, half a chopped green bell pepper (the red ones are too $$$), 10 washed-n-sliced mushrooms (you pick the variety), and half a can of chopped black olives. Sauté til cooked, but show some discretion. Don't over cook!

*   Cut up a generous bunch of fresh broccoli. Set to steam on the stove until just tender. Again, don't over cook!

*   At this point, the rice should be about done. Throw the rice, chicken, and vege mix into your favorite covered glass microwave casserole dish along with a tsp. of saltless seasoning and 2 tablespoons of bbq sauce. Nuke it for several minutes to re-heat the chicken and blend the flavors.

*   Pour yourself another glass of wine. Serve up the steaming broccoli and a happy helping of the chicken dish, along with a side of sliced tomato and (perfectly ripe) avocado dribbled with balsamic vinegar. It's time to eat.