Clowns at DAC ...

The DAC 2009 Studelicious Report ...

by Peggy Aycinena

Thanks to Brandy & Peaches in the Bozo Booth at DAC 2009, the Studelicious Report goes live today.

Itís a fact that when I arrived at Moscone Center in San Francisco on Sunday, July 26th, I decided to cancel this report. I decided it was unprofessional to objectify men by trolling for the Best Looking Guys at DAC. I decided to tell the Studelicious Jury, Case Dismissed.

Then the DAC Exhibition Hall opened on Monday, July 27th. I ventured out into North Hall of Moscone for a few brief minutes at 9 AM, hoping to catch the flavor of things there before heading back to Room 131 for the half-day Workshop for Women in Design Automation. To my complete astonishment, the flavor of things just inside the entrance of North Hall was distinctly salacious.

There in the Bozo Booth, wearing little more than their birthday suits and CFM shoes, were Brandy & Peaches, the Booth Babes of Bozo. Wowza, I thought. Why do I continue to be amazed and appalled at the Clown Thing being used to draw male engineers in at DAC?

As I stood and contemplated these dark thoughts, up sauntered the ever-cheerful Mr. Senior EDA Exec, who greeted me in a cordial and professional way. Pity him, however, because I did not return his greeting.

Instead, I asked him to turn around and check out Brandy & Peaches as they strutted their stuff nearby, luring The Young & The Restless into their lair. Mr. Senior EDA Exec gasped and said, ďOh my! Thatís a throw-back to an earlier era!Ē

Well, Mr. Senior EDA Exec, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Brandy & Peaches are not about an earlier era. Rubylith is about an earlier era; 0.35-micron technology is about an earlier era; Schematic entry is about an earlier era. Brandy & Peaches are all about the Here & Now. Sad. Sigh.

So, Beloved EDA, you want objectification of half of humankind? You got it.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the Studelicious Report. The Jury has done its work. It has checked out the Beefcake at DAC and delivered up a verdict, complete with commentary. Irrespective of any sense of decency or respect for mind over matter, here are the winners.


The Best Looking Guys at DAC Ö

* Christen Decoin
Not to be missed!
Felix DA

* Dean Drako
No words needed!
IC Manage

* James Inge
Quite Hot!
Luna Innovations

* Juan-Antonio Carballo

* Kaushik Roy
So cute!
Purdue University

* Kevin Lepine
Kevin & Lee could be models!
MP Associates

* Lee Wood
Kevin & Lee could be models!
MP Associates

* Linc Jepson
For eyes & charisma!
74ze Engineering

* Lip-Bu Tan
Ask Monica Lewinski why power is so sexy!
Cadence Design Systems

* Matt Severson
Canít miss him when he walks by!

* Rajeev Madhavan
Have you seen his photo on the EDAC website?
Magma Design Automation

* Stephane Leclercq
Oui! Oui!
CoFluent Design

* Steve Carlson
Oh those eyes!
Cadence Design Systems

* Yann Antonioli
A Total Babe!
Jasper Design Automation


Editorís Note Ö

Thanks to the Studelicious Jury for their work in assembling this list. And no, I absolutely was not on the jury. If I had been, I would have included They-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, because Monica Lewenski probably had it just about right.


July 31, 2009


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