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Freddy Santamaria's Paella Valenciana ...

Since several persons have asked me how to cook the Paella Valenciana mentioned in my Gourmet Corner article about Valencia, here -- at last -- are the instructions!

     600 gr. of rice
     1 medium size baby chicken
     200 gr. of lean pork fillet
     200 gr. of lean pork sausages
     200 gr. of squid
     200 gr. of mussels
     200 gr. of crayfish
     100 gr. of onions & 1 capsicum
     300 gr. of fresh tomatoes
     100 gr. of green beans
     200 gr. of peas or sweetpeas
     4 cloves of garlic & saffron


*   Cook in a stew-pan (big enough for all the ingredients concerned), with a minimum of 6 to 8 spoons of olive oil. When hot, you cook the chicken cut into small pieces, with salt.

*   At mid-cooking time, you must add the pork fillet & the squid cut into small pieces. Cover the stew pan to finish the boiling at low heat.

*   When you see the chicken is cooking is ready (starting to brown), you add the onions slashed & the capsicum in small pieces.

*   When the onions and the capsicum have a golden look, you add the tomatoes (pealed & chopped), and let them to fry slightly.

*   Then, you add the mussels and the sausages cut in half.

*   When the mussels are open, you turn off the burner and put the stew-pan aside.

*   In a frying-pan or Paella-pan, add 6 spoons of olive oil. When hot, you add the rice & fry slightly till golden appearance develops (not brown).

*   When the rice has that golden look, mix it with the content of your stew-pan that you set aside earlier. Then add the boiling water (mineral water would be best).

*   For the water measure, generally use 3 times the contents of the cup (where you prepared the 600 gr. of rice), or a small cup for every 100 gr. of rice.

*   Once the water boils again, you add the green beans & the peas or sweet peas (previously cooked with water & salt). Then you add the chopped garlic cloves mixed with the saffron (previously diluted in olive oil together).

*   Now you add the crayfish, raw or boiled.

*   To finish, cook at high heat for at least 15 to 20 minutes, untill all the water is absorbed. Test to see if the rice is cooked, then your Paella is ready. If not, add one cup of fresh lemon juice, to the final cooking

*   Serve at the table on the frying-pan or your Paella-pan