posted 19 November 2007


Industry luminaries ...

* EDAC and IEEE’s Council on EDA announced that Dr. Robert Brayton from U.C. Berkeley has been named the 2007 recipient of the Phil Kaufman Award. Dr. Brayton was honored at an EDAC dinner in Santa Clara on Thursday, November 1.

* The Silicon Valley Leadership Group announced that Dr. Aart de Geus, Chairman & CEO of Synopsys, has been named recipient of the Spirit of Silicon Valley Lifetime Achievement Award. For a heart-warming testimonial in honor of the award, please visit "Aart de Geus: Renaissance Man" (

* The Portland Business Journal, Willamette University, and the Rotary Club of Portland announced Mentor Graphics was named recipient of the 2006 Oregon Ethics in Business Awards. Per the Press Release: "The awards honor those organizations and individuals who have demonstrated ethical business practice in its broadest interpretation: in the workplace, the marketplace, the environment, and the community. Ethical responsibility, integrity and social and environmental stewardship all factor into the award decision … The recipients of these awards have, by act and example, gone beyond the expected to achieve excellence in ethical business practices."


News from the Fourth Estate ...

* Tech Source Media, Inc. announced SCDsource, which the company describes as "the first online media outlet dedicated to helping system and chip design decision-makers make better informed design and purchasing decisions. The new publication is focused on meeting the critical business and technical information needs of system and chip design engineers." Richard Goering has been named editor-in-chief of the new publication.

Francine Bacchini, Founder, President and CEO of Tech Source Media, is quoted in the Press Release: "I feel extremely fortunate to be able to channel my business passion for the EDA and semiconductor industries into SCDsource, and to have Richard Goering – with his vast industry knowledge and experience, and fair and balanced reporting – at the helm as editor-in-chief. I envision SCDsource as the high-tech information port of call for the vital EDA and semiconductor communities that so often work without fanfare, contributing the driving technology behind all of the electronic devices we depend on in our daily lives. SCDsource will help design engineers navigate smoothly to their information destinations at peak efficiency, and will open business opportunity floodgates for startups and large established firms alike. With great editorial content and a robust underlying infrastructure that will enable unique, soon-to-be-revealed functionality, I see SCDsourceas pioneering the future of community-based web publishing."


Money Matters ...

* EDAC’s Market Statistics Service announced the EDA industry’s revenue for Q2 2007 increased by 11.4 percent over Q2 2006, from $1.265 billion to $1.409 billion.

* Ansoft Corp. announced financial results for Q2 of fiscal 2008 ended October 31, 2007. Per the Press Release: "Revenue for the second quarter totaled $23.4 million, an increase of 14% compared to $20.5 million reported in the previous fiscal year's second quarter. On a GAAP basis, net income for the second quarter was $5.2 million, representing a 41% increase when compared to GAAP net income of $3.7 million in the previous fiscal year's second quarter. GAAP net income for second quarter includes employee stock-based compensation expense of $0.3 million. This compares to employee stock-based compensation expense of $0.6 million in the previous fiscal year's second quarter."

* Applied Wave Research, Inc. (AWR) announced H1 2007 sales and revenue, ending September 30, 2007. Per the Press Release: "Sales revenues for the first six months increased nearly 30 percent over the prior year … [and] resulted in record profits for the fiscal second quarter." Ted Miracco, AWR Co-founder and EVP, is quoted: "Sales in all geographical regions—North America, Europe, and Asia—are well ahead of expectations, with China and Germany experiencing the fastest growth,"

* Bluespec announced $4.25 million in Series C funding, bringing the total amount raised in three funding rounds to $17.25 million from investors Atlas Venture and North Bridge Venture Partners.

* Cadence Design Systems reported Q3 2007 revenue of $401 million, an increase of 9% over the $366 million reported for the same period in 2006. On a GAAP basis, Cadence recognized net income of $73 million in the third quarter of 2007, compared to $42 million in the same period in 2006.

* Chartered Semiconductor reported Q3 2007 revenues of $354.8 million, up 9.4% sequentially. and revenues including Chartered’s share of SMP of $381.8 million, up 8.2% sequentially. The company also reported net income before tax of $7.1 million, compared to net income before tax of $4.0 million in 2Q 2007. Net income in 3Q 2007 was $114.8 million which included a tax benefit.

* Magma announced Q2 revenue of $53.5 million, a 27.5% increase over Q2 2006, which the company says includes, "Record revenue for the third quarter in a row; revenue that beat Magma’s own guidance and Wall Street estimates, also for the third quarter in a row; and [several] major customer engagements [including] Toshiba and Maxim."

* Mentor Graphics announced Q3 fiscal 2008 results will be below guidance issued on August 23, 2007. Revenue is expected to be approximately $185 million versus guidance of $200 million and non-GAAP earnings are expected to be slightly below break-even as compared to a previously estimated $.10 per share.

* Synplicity announced financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2007.
Revenue for the quarter was $19.4 million, compared to $16.3 million reported for same period in 2006. For the quarter ended September 30, 2007, GAAP net income included non-cash charges of $959,000 of intangible amortization expense from acquisitions and $747,000 of stock-based compensation expense.

* Virage Logic reported its financial results for Q4 and the fiscal year ended September 30, 2007. Per the Press Release: "Revenues for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007 were $13.1 million compared to $11.3 million in the previous quarter and $15.0 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006. License revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007 was $9.9 million compared to $8.2 million for the previous quarter and $11.3 million for the same period a year ago. Royalties for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007 were $3.2 million compared to $3.1 million in the previous quarter and $3.7 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006."

* FSA [the Fabless Semiconductor Association] released Q2 2007 additions to its Global Semiconductor Fundings and Financials Report. The latest Report includes statistics for CYQ2 2007 and 1H 2007:

* 1H 2007 semiconductor industry revenue totaled $129.3 billion.
* North American semiconductor companies represented 52 percent of 1H 2007 revenue, followed by Asia with 37 percent, Europe with 11 percent and India with less than one percent.
* 263 fabless and IDM companies reported $63.9 billion in revenue in Q2 2007, an increase of nine percent year-over-year (YoY) and a 2.4 percent decrease quarter-over-quarter (QoQ).
* The top 10 semiconductor companies by Q2 2007 revenue combined for $30 billion, or 47 percent of total Q2 semiconductor revenue.

1. Intel: $8.7B
2. Samsung: $4.6B
3. Texas Instruments: $3.3B
4. Toshiba: $2.5B
5. STMicroelectronics: $2.4B
6. Hynix Semiconductor: $2.1B
7. Renesas: $2.0B
8. Sony: $1.6B
9. NXP Semiconductors: $1.5B
10. Advanced Micro Devices: $1.4B

* The top 10 IP companies by Q2 2007 revenue reported $295 million in revenue, a decrease of 0.2 percent QoQ and one percent Year over Year.
* The top five packaging and test companies by Q2 2007 revenue reported $2.4 billion in revenue, an increase of four percent QoQ and a three percent decrease YoY.
* The leading foundries, TSMC, UMC, SMIC and Chartered, reported $3.7 billion in revenue in Q2, an increase of 10 percent QoQ and a decrease of seven percent YoY.
* The leading EDA companies, Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics and Magma Design Automation, reported $873 million in revenue in Q2, an increase of six percent QoQ and 10 percent YoY.
* 112 semiconductor companies raised $1.4 billion in 1H 2007.
* 52 semiconductor companies raised $681.7 million in Q2 2007, a nine percent dollar amount decrease and a 13 percent decrease in the total number of deals closed QoQ.


M&A ...

* Apache Design Solutions, "the technology leader in power signoff and complete silicon integrity platform solutions, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Optimal Corporation, a leader in 3D power, signal, and thermal analysis for package, System-in-Package, and board designs."

* CLK Design Automation "announced that is has acquired Synchronous Design Automation, an innovative developer of clock tree synthesis and optimization tools for advanced digital chip designs. Combined with the leading-edge timing and signal integrity capabilities offered by CLK Design Automation, the result is a comprehensive suite of automated timing closure tools for 65-nanometer and 45-nanometer designs."

* Silicon & Software Systems (S3), "the connected consumer technology company and leading provider of semiconductor mixed signal IP for consumer products, announced that the company has acquired Acacia Semiconductor S.A., a developer of high-performance data converter IP based in Portugal. This acquisition is designed to strengthen S3's position in the market and help deliver on its strategy to be the world-leading specialist provider of analog/mixed signal IP."

* Synopsys announced it has acquired Sandwork Design, Inc., a privately held company providing analog and mixed-signal verification tools. The financial terms of the acquisition were not being disclosed. Paul Lo, Senior VP & GM for the Synopsys AMS Group, is quoted: "Sandwork's widely-deployed tools like SPICE Explorer and WaveView Analyzer complement our existing solution, adding valuable analog and mixed-signal verification capabilities to Synopsys' portfolio. This acquisition will enable tight integration between Sandwork's tools and Synopsys' Discovery AMS simulators."


New Business Cards ...

* Atrenta announced the details of its University Technical Advisory Board, which the company says will collaborate with Atrenta's technical team on product architectures and strategic initiatives. Atrenta says expertise on the new UTAB covers a range of technologies including system level design, embedded software development, low power design, synthesis, verification, physical design, timing and design for manufacturability.

Atrenta's UTAB members include U.C Berkeley’s Dr. Robert Brayton, U.C. Santa Barbara’s Dr. Forrest Brewer, MIT’s Dr. Anantha Chandrakasan, U. C. Santa Barbara’s Dr. Tim Cheng, U.C. San Diego’s Dr. Andrew Kahng, University of Southern California’s Dr. Massoud Pedram, University of Minnesota’s Dr. Sachin Sapatnekar, Hanyang University’s Dr. Hyunchul Shin, and University of Colorado’s Dr. Fabio Somenzi. Some might say that Atrenta can either continue as a technology company, or instead could open a world class university just by putting this distinguished group in one room.

* EVE has named Tsugumi Fujitani to be Vice President of Japan and Asia Sales, and has appointed Masao Fujimoto as GM of EVE K.K., a wholly owned subsidiary based in Japan.

Per the Press Release: "Tsugumi Fujitani has more than 20 years of technical and executive management experience in the electronics and EDA industry. Before joining EVE in 2004, she managed Tera Systems’ operations in Japan. Previously, she was CEO and co-founder of Spinnaker Systems. Fujitani began her career as an AE at Hitachi, Ltd. She moved to Okura, Ltd., where she served as an AE manager. Masao Fujimoto has more than 10 years of sales experience in the semiconductor industry. Most recently, he was senior sales manager in Japan at MoSys International Inc. He also served as sales manager at Denali Software K.K., and was a senior manager at Spinnaker Systems Inc. Fujimoto began his career as sales representative at ALTEX."

* OPTIMUM announced that Everett Frank has been named Vice President and General Manager. Per the Press Release: "Everett has been a very important part of OPTIMUM for the past year serving as a part-time consultant, primarily focused on the implementation and continued enhancement of OPTIMUM’s ERP system, as well as helping develop the Program Management and Supply Chain Management departments. He is extremely excited about his new role with Optimum and is looking forward to working closely with his team and our valued customers to build upon the strong foundation of success already laid."

* Pulsic Ltd. announced that it has appointed Keiichi Watanabe to its advisory board to aid in expanding business opportunities in Japan and Asia. Previously, Watanabe was Vice President for Cadence Japan, and President and CEO of Zuken Redac Inc. a company he took public on the Tokyo stock market. Watanabe also served as President and CEO of Mentor Japan.


Conference updates ...

* SAME 2007 Forum, which took place in early October in Southern France, announced 950 visitors, 46 exhibitors, and 23 sponsors. Awards at the conference including Best Paper, Best Start-up, and Best Poster and can be seen on the website at


Partnering & Memberships ...

* Acceleware Corp. announced a partnership agreement through which Agilent Technologies will resell the Acceleware acceleration products throughout its sales channel to Agilent AMDS customers.

* Altium Ltd. announced that NASA’s Johnson Space Center has chosen Altium Designer as its standard electronics design software. Per the Press Release: "The Center’s Engineering Directorate will use Altium Designer as its electronics design standard on both manned and unmanned mission support. These include the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs, as well as the Constellation program to send astronauts back to the moon … Altium Designer will be used on disciplines as varied as guidance and navigation, electrical power systems, avionics systems, instrumentation, thermal protection, spacesuits and other extravehicular activity (EVA) equipment, aerodynamics and related disciplines, advanced automation systems, and overall systems engineering and simulation."

* Avnet ASIC Israel (AAI) and Elliptic announced a joint effort the companies say will "bring Elliptic's portfolio of security solutions to market in Israel. AAI is a premier provider of ASIC, structured ASIC, COT, and FPGA design services."

* Cadence announced a multi-year strategic agreement with NXP, and also announced Cadence has been named the primary EDA supplier to NXP.

* CoFluent Design announced that it has joined OSCI [The Open SystemC Initiative] as an Associate Corporate Member and The SPIRIT Consortium as a Reviewing Member. President Mike Meredith is quoted in the Press Release: "I'm very happy to welcome CoFluent Design as an OSCI member. We look forward to their participation in our technical working groups as we continue to extend SystemC-based standards upward in the system level design flow." The SPIRIT Consortium Ralph von Vignau is also quoted: "I would like to welcome CoFluent Design to our team and am looking forward to establishing a fruitful collaboration with them."

* CoWare and Carbon Design Systems announced the "expansion of their strategic relationship focused on accelerating availability of virtual hardware platforms for architecture design and software development. Through an OEM agreement, CoWare will directly sell and support Carbon Model Studio for use with CoWare Platform Architect."

* Impinj and Chip Estimate announced that Impinj has joined the Chip Estimate Prime IP Partner Program. As a Prime IP Partner, Impinj is enabling centralized access to information about the company's semiconductor IP at

* The Interoperable PCell Libraries (IPL) initiative announced an "open invitation" to semiconductor companies, foundries, IDMs, and EDA companies to join IPL's three newest technical working groups. IPL says the groups would like interested participants to "contribute to standards on Properties and Parameters, Pcells, and Constraints. The IPL initiative, formed in April 2007 to address PCell interoperability issues, has expanded its charters to address broader interoperability issues with foundry process design kits (PDK) and design flows."

* Magma announced that Toshiba Corp. has deployed Magma’s integrated implementation software in Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH, and that Magma’s toolset has become the common implementation platform used across Toshiba worldwide design groups in Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

* Mentor Graphics announced that it has joined the Multicore Association consortium as an executive board member. Let the Press Release remind you: "The Multicore Association is a global non-profit organization focused on developing standards that help speed time to market for products that involve multicore implementations … The Multicore Association supports the multicore ecosystem including vendors of processor IP, multicore chips, operating systems, hardware design and software development tools, as well as application and system developers"

Multicore Association President Markus Levy is quoted: "As a company that is deeply entrenched in the industry, Mentor Graphics makes a notable addition to the Multicore Association’s Executive Board Mentor’s experience in this industry will help guide this consortium in delivering the most beneficial standards for multicore applications."

* Nascentric, Inc. announced that NOAH Corp. has been named Nascentric’s exclusive distributor in Japan. Per the Press Release: "NOAH Corporation will provide sales and technical support for Nascentric multithreaded Fast-SPICE product."

* OCP-IP announced that Synopsys has joined the OCP-IP Governing Steering Committee. Other committee members include Nokia, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and Sonics. Per the Press Release: "Synopsys is already active in OCP-IP’s working groups, and their DesignWare Verification IP for the OCP interface is a part of the CoreCreator verification toolset that all OCP-IP members receive."

* OneSpin Solutions KK announced it has expanded operations in Japan by moving into a new sales and field applications engineering office in Yokohama. OneSpin also announced it has hired additional field-application staff to support customers onsite.

* Ponte Solutions and Blaze DFM announced "delivery of the first modeling elements committed to Si2’s DFM Coalition. These contributions are the primary drivers for the critical area analysis and lithography elements of Si2’s DFMC efforts."

Per the Press Release: "Ponte’s model-based yield analysis technology allows yield sensitivity analysis for identifying critical areas, and will be made available royalty-free to Si2 and DFMC members for standardization purposes, including modification and benchmarking for the next three years. Blaze DFM’s contribution consists of a proposed standard for the interactions between IC design tools and lithography simulation engines. Currently there is no standard interface through which IC design tools can request lithographic analyses of areas of the chip that may potentially contain manufacturing defects, or "hotspots." If adopted as a standard, this interface would enable IC design tools to seamlessly invoke lithography simulators with directives on what to check for and then allow the simulators to feed back hotspot information that the IC designer can use to locate and correct the defects."

* Si2 [Silicon Integration Initiative] announced that Synopsys has donated an oaTcl-based OpenAccess graphical visualization program (oaViewer) to the OpenAccess Coalition. OaViewer enables software developers of OpenAccess API-based programs to easily view design data such as hierarchical schematics and layouts including PCells. Synopsys VP Rich Goldman is quoted: "This is an important step towards analog design tool interoperability. We see this donation and the recent work in Interoperable PCell Libraries [IPL] to be significant improvements in making OpenAccess a truly open custom analog environment. We hope to inspire more donations to enable OpenAccess to become a complete usable analog solution."

* Synopsys announced that Renesas Technology Corp. has signed an "expanded business agreement" that names Synopsys as its leading EDA supplier across the Renesas design flow. The two companies say they will cooperate "to increase the use of Synopsys' technology across Renesas' engineering teams to capture greater productivity and efficiency for the company."