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Quebec 2010

June 12th

After 4 days in Montreal, and 3 days in Quebec ...

* Very Provincial
* Food Old French Style
* Landscape Great
* Hotel Chateau Frontenac
* Very Old "Grandeur"
* Very, very Expensive
* Nice view onto the River
* With Smoking Room
* Found Great Italian Restaurant for later Review!


- Freddy & Francoise


Melbourne 2010

June 23rd

After Quebec and Montreal, and a long plane trip to Vancouver, Auckland and New Caledonia. We finally arrived on the rough French Island on the Pacific. Total travel time was 25 hours in the air, plus 1,600 kilometers by car on the New Caledonia Rough Roads!

This place is the second largest worldwide producer of nickel, very interesting with no tourists.

We spent 3 days in Auckland and now we are relaxing in the "Premier Suite Lounge" on the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne, with great views of The City.

On June 24th at Midnight, we fly to Hong Kong on the way to China. Tonight, we will try a new restaurant in Melbourne since the "Asiana" changed owners and menu.   [See Melbourne 2004 & The Asiana]

So we go all new!


- Freddy & Francoise


Hong Kong 2010

June 26th

After Melbourne, and a 10-hour flight, we are in Hong Kong with very bad weather, smog & rain!

This beautiful view of Hong Kong from our room is impossible today. With the smog, we don't see any of the buildings in the front of the picture.


- Freddy & Francoise


July 3rd

We are in Shanghai, after visiting Harbin in the Northeast of China, with the biggest Siberian Tiger Park in the world.

In Shanghai, we visited Expo 2010. Many pavilions has long lines, but we visited the pavilions without need to be in line for 2 hours. There many nice pavilion designs, with the best being China, France, and Spain.

Year to date, approximately 20 million visitors have come, with 710,000 being foreign nationals. There is no information in English at the Expo, only information for Chinese speakers. I believe this Expo is mainly intended for Chinese citizens.

Next week, we travel to Korea. In the meantime, we have seen many nice new Restaurants & Hotels in Shanghai including Special Sunday Brunch with Caviar & Lobster & Champagne: All you can eat & drink for only 50 euros. Great!


- Freddy & Francoise


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