Heaven hath no fury ...

Like a rumor scorned

by Peggy Aycinena


January 17, 2010

Hi guys --

As you can see, my old "pal" John Cooley is so desperate for readers, he continues to use my name (and marital status) in vain:


He published the original "rumor" that "Peggy's husband" has founder's shares in Azuro (an EDA start-up) in December:


Many people forwarded that link to me, but your dad insisted at the time that it wasn't worth dignifying stupidity with a formal response.

As you can see, however, the CEO of Azuro apparently did need to respond to the "rumor" that your dad is an investor in the company. Very interesting especially for those of you who know that start-ups are torn between the need for buzz and the need for transparency.

The grotesque sexism in all of this goes without saying the power continues to reside totally in the male half of the EDA world. Were that not the case, the "rumor" that "Peggy owns founder's shares in Azuro" would be the story, not "Peggy's husband".

Your dad has a more pragmatic response to what he calls the "trivial inanity" of Cooley and Azuro. He says he's relieved his investments and his kids all understand that going into EDA would be a big waste of time and talent.

Hope everything's good with you guys. We'll see you at graduation in June.

- Mom


January 19, 2010

Hi Mom

Can women own stock nowadays? What a crazy world....next thing they'll be wanting suffrage.

- Junior


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